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Benifishery List

1) Orphan Children’s Home Maintenance Helping hand Project

2) Free Coaching to S.C.S.T. &B.C Poor Children’s Helping hand Project.

3) Save the Tribal Children’s in India. Educational Project

4) PhcyCally Handy Capped Children’s Helping hand Project.

5) Widows Home (Destitute) Peoples Helping Hand Project

6) Old age Peoples (Destitute) Old age home helping hand Project.

7) H. I .V.infected Positive peoples, Helping Hand Project.

8) Blind Light Peoples Helping Hand Project

9) Mentally Retarded Children’s Helping Hand Programme. Project

10) Deaf and Dumb Children’s Helping Hand Programme. Prject

11) Seava Bharath National Swayam Sevak Poor Rural Women’s Tailoring Self Help Groups Project.

12) SevaBharath National Agricultural Swayam Sevak Poor Rural Women’s Self Help Groups Project

13) Seava Bharath Adult Education Development Association. Project

14) Below Poverty Areas. Living peoples Helping hand Programme. Project.

15) Human Rights and Consumer Rights Poor Peoples / Rural women’s Helping hand Programme. Project.

16) Emergency Cyclone Fund Relief Helping hand Programme. Project. .

17) Costal Area Poor Fisher Mans Helping Hand Programme. Project.

18) Costal Area Community development Society Helping Hand Programme. Project.

19) Tsunami Emergency Fund Relief Helping hand Programme. Project.

20) The integrate Agency Track poor families Development Project

21) 4 Slum Area living Poor Peoples Helping hand Programme. Project.

22) Emergency Erthequce Fund Relief Helping hand Programme. Project.

(23) Celebration of National Festival’s of to the Orphan Children’s Poor Peoples Helping hand Project.

24) Contingencies/Emergency. General Medicines. Helping hand Programme. Project

25) Disaster Emergency Relief and Funding (aid) Helping hand Programme. Project.

26) Legal Advice Sell Poor Rural women’s Helping hand Programme. Project.

27) Rural Construction &Development

28) Leprosy Dying Destitute Peoples helping hand Programme. Project

29) Holy Trinity Church Of Christ the Poor Christian Children’s Peoples Helping Hand Project

30) Small / Big, Animals Sheep’s. And SheBuff lows Production and Generate Income for Poor Rural Women’s Helping Hand Project.


THE DOLAR WHICH YOU ARE GOING TO DONATE US WILL BE USED FOR AN ORPHAN’S FOOD. Kindly Donate liberally and Save at least one Orphan.