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Founder-President Desk


From the Founder & President Desk

1) This Good News Ministry Mother Terisa Social Service Organisation (NGO) established on.11-1-1978. By our grand father as a TRUST. After the death of our grand father TRUST was Registered with Government of Andhra Pradesh Certificate of Registration of Societies ACT 35 OF 2001 Reg.No.275/2005) Government of India Regd.No.010190419 As Good News Ministry Mother Terisa Social Service Organisation (NGO) and from that date onwards we are helping to poor and needy in various ways.

2) On 11-1-1978 to till Date Good News Ministry Mother Terisa Social Service Organisation. (Mother NGO) People obtained help and jointly working with sister NGO’s. They are still working with us and their particulars are given below as district wise, state wide as follows:

Our Good News Ministry Mother Terisa Social Service Organisation. Joined with Mother NGO-sister NGO’s are totally 1,585.

The Indian subcontinent spreading over of 7.8 million sq. Kms. is the second most populated country in the world, with over one billion inhabitants. The diversities in language, culture, caste, religion and region add to its uniqueness. In spite of its rapid advancement in the economic front the regional disparities which are vivid in many backward states such as Maharastra, Bengal, Nagaland, Orissa, Bihar, Madyapradesh, Andhra Pradesh,etc. pose a threat to the glamorous depiction of India. The frequent reports on starvation deaths, farmer’s suicide, rampant. child labour, atrocities on women, substandard performance in providing basic social services are symptoms of deep rooted diseases of poverty, inequitable distribution of resources and poor governance.

The tiny seed named “ GNMMS.ORG”, (Good News Ministry Mother Terisa Social Service Organisation(NGO) sown 25 years back, has grown to a full-fledged tree with its captivating canopy giving shade and shelter to the disadvantaged population of its operational area. During the last 23 years of its intervention, GNMMS.ORG has ventured into various socio-economic development programmes. The activities engineered to the rehabilitation of the differently abled focusing on ‘inclusion’ and ‘integration’ has become an embodiment of its success which is being replicated in other Indian States.

The awards and recognition GNMMS.ORG has received at the national and international level is a resounding testimony of its unflinching commitment to the cause of the vulnerable population. No doubt the credit goes to the dedicated and committed GNMMS.ORG team, Government and Non-Government organisations, donor agencies, media, civil society organizations, SHGs and predominantly the population of more than 3,000 villages of Gunture District and 23 District in Andhra Pradesh India.

Even after being with GNMMS.ORG for more than a decade, I still feel that our itinerary is only a beginning in the context of the number of socio economic problems still to be tackled and many more vulnerable communities to be brought under its operational constituency. We can not achieve it in isolation, with out the cooperation of each and every one of you. Hence I sincerely look forward for the valuable feed back, financial and technical support from all the well wishers of Chinta.Venkatakrishnan @ Rev.Chinta.WilliamMoses(Priest) to accomplish its dream for a ‘just society’ embedded on the values of social justice, equal opportunity and equitable sharing of the resources enabling the disadvantaged communities to lead a dignified life.

Chinta.Venkatakrishnan @ Rev.Chinta.Williammoses (Priest)
Chief Functionary – Founder, Director & President

THE DOLAR WHICH YOU ARE GOING TO DONATE US WILL BE USED FOR AN ORPHAN’S FOOD. Kindly Donate liberally and Save at least one Orphan.