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Operational Area

Andhra Pradesh in the total 23 District situated at the East, West, North, South, extreme North Eastern tip. Andhra Pradesh is one of the very backward districts, ie.Tribal Areas and Below poverty areas Costal areas other Slum areas and portrayed by lack of access to productive assets and financial resources, negligible levels of literacy, inadequate health care and extremely limited access to other basic social services. The scheduled tribes (Adivasis) and schedules castes (Dalits) constitute almost 25% of the population of this district. Most of them are Below Poverty Line (BPL), leading a hand to mouth existence and severely exploited and discriminated in various fronts.

The intervention of GNMMS is spread over the 23 District of IN Andhra Pradesh covering Many Mandals, inhabited in many villages coming under 40 GPs of IN Andhra Pradesh.

Focus Groups

The ideology to uplift Orphan’s, Poor Peoples and Poor Rural women’s, Rural women’s, SelpHelp Groups, ST, SC, BC, PHC,Blind, Mentally Retreted,Duff,and Dumb HIV infected and Afected Persons and Dalits. Helping Hand Programme’s. Dalits etc. and Tribals and Dalits and other weaker sections such as Women and Children, Landless, Marginal and Small Farmers and Differently Abled (physically and mentally) constitute the target population.

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