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Our Mission

Our main aim

When the poor families face unexpected circumstances We are supporting some help as shown in our work down by us. It is very little to their families. Because of this fact our hands folded, your mercy and kindness needs to help the Tsunami Cyclones and floods effected families to construct their houses (pucca construction estimated value given per unit separately) and also giving them food and vessels clothes. We provided a single hut which costs (2,500) at about 500 families and also provided Food grains, Cooking Items and plates and bed sheets and a dish for each family.

We Adopted Given below peoples.

Boys and Girls may not Be diverted to brothel- house and also not to become target to H.I .V. and not to become child accused is the prime aim of Our Volunteer Organisation. We adopt those boys and girls whose parents died in the cyclones, earth quakes, Tsunamis, in the road accidents, rail accidents, suicides, attempts to suicides and children of those H.I.V. attackers, and offering them with free Educational facilities.

  • Orphans
  • children’s (S.T. S.C. B.C. Our main aim is to adopt the forest castes
  • Tribals children (Girijans)
  • Adopting the handicapped boys, girls,
  • Widows Home (Destitute)
  • Old age Peoples (Destitute) Peoples
  • H. I .V.infected Positive peoples,
  • Blind Light Peoples,
  • Mentally Retarded Children’s,
  • Deaf and Dumb Children’s,
  • Seava Bharath National Swayam Sevak Poor Rural Women’s,
  • SevaBharath National Agricultural Swayam Sevak Poor Rural Women’s,
  • Seava Bharath Adult Education Development,
  • Below Poverty Areas Living Peoples,
  • Consumer Rights Poor Peoples / Rural women’s
  • The Emergency Cyclones Relief Funding,
  • Costal Area Poor Fisher Men’s,
  • Emergency Tsunami Relief Funding,
  • The Integrate Agency Track poor Families Development’s,
  • Slum Area Living Poor Peoples,
  • Emergency Earth quack Blood / Fund Relief,
  • Celebration of National Festival to the Poor / Orphan’s/ Street Children’s,
  • Contingencies/Emergency. General Medicines,
  • Disaster Emergency Relief Funding,
  • Legal Advise Programme to Poor Families Development,
  • Rural Schools Agency area Schools Construction’s,
  • Leprosy Peoples Helping,
  • Holy Trinity Church Of Christ the Poor Christian Children’s,
  • Small / Big, Animals Sheep’s. And She Buffellows Production and Generate Income for Poor Rural Women’s,
  • Small Scale Fish Culture And Generate Income For Poor Fisher Men’s And Women’s Helping hand,
  • New Schools Sheds Construction Project
  • New Sheds Construction to the old age Homes / widows Homes Project
  • New Sheds Construction to the H IV Awareness about Acquired Immune
  • Tribal People

Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) / Treatment and rehabilitation of persons affected by AIDS. Project 35) New Sheds Construction to the Leprosy Peoples. Project, our organisation to The above peoples Protecting and Providing Shelters, Clothes, Food Grains, Medicines, Education, etc.

THE DOLAR WHICH YOU ARE GOING TO DONATE US WILL BE USED FOR AN ORPHAN’S FOOD. Kindly Donate liberally and Save at least one Orphan.