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1) Panchayat Raj Initiatives

Objectives :
  • To Capacitate Awareness on PRIs among the communities and elected representatives
  • To Develop the capacities of PRIs in local resource management and governance with a special focus on poor and oppressed.
  • To form Networks of PRI elected representatives to undertake advocacy so as to mobilize financials and powers to the Panchayats.
  • To strengthen the functioning of Grama sabha..
  • To promote women and Dalit leaderships in PRIs. To bring convergence between PRIs and gross root institutions for better administration and development.
Activities implemented :
  • 120 Panchayats Promoted as model panchyats.
  • Trainings on Child Rights to Elected Representatives and community.
  • Trainings on Child Trafficking and HIV/AIDs.
  • Micro Plans Trainings through Participatory partnership with community Elected Representatives.
  • Activating the Village Functional Committees.
  • Interactions with ward level support groups and look in toward level status information sharing on Child rights, HIV/AIDs, women and Health, sanitation etc.,
  • Mandal Level Trainings on NREGS and RTI.
  • Workshops to Districts. Level Officials, MLA and PRI Representatives on Awareness on Mandal and Village level Micro plans.
  • We made efforts to tracking funds from Zilla parishads and MLA and MP funds to concerned G.Ps.
  • We Organize Rallies and Dharns for Funds, powers and duties to Panchayats and submit memorandum to Mandal and Dist. And State level Officials.
  • Special trainings organized to Elected Dalit and women Representative to capacitate them on Panchyat Raj isssues.
Achievements :
  • Regularly meetings conducted in panchyats with the efforts of GNMMS.ORG, but before intervention of GNMMS.ORG Panchyats conduct meetings once in three months.
  • Elected Women and Dalit representatives were not regularly attending to the Panchyat meetings but with the trainings and awareness programs of GNMMS.ORG they are regularly attending to the meetings and they use their voice on their ward level issues before intervention of GNMMS.ORG not like that.
  • Dalit and women sarpanchas they themselves lobbying with the concerned officials for the development of their panchyats.
  • Grama sabhas conducted regularly in Grama Panchayats and Peoples participation increasing. Communities awarded on Child Rights in our Model Panchyats and every parent enrolled their children in schools.
  • Our Model Panchayats are working for the funds for implementation of issues which were identified through Village Level Micro Plans.
  • Through GNMMS.ORG organized trainings 187-sarpanchas and 8400 ward members and MPTCs-540 and ZPTCs -15 covered and got awarded. Through GNMMS.ORG Campaigns nearly 60,40,700 peoples got awarded awareness on the importance of Grama Sabhas and good governance of Panchyats.
  • Through Pre Election voter Awareness campaigns decreased influence of money and alcohol in all kinds elections.

2) Human Rights

Protection of Human Rights. HR Violation, Working in Entire 23 Districts in Andhra Pradesh in India ., against any kind of Human Rights violation

Objectives :
  • Protection of Human rights (Civil and Political Rights.)
  • To Create Awareness on Human Rights.
  • To Reduce Human Rights Violations through Court of law. To Protect under Trail Prisoners Rights.
Activities implemented :
  • Legal Assistance to victims ( Cases filing and follow-ups)
  • Awareness campaigns to college students.
  • Work shops
  • Prisons visiting
  • Celebration of World Human rights Day..
  • District Human Rights Protection Forum (HRPF) Formation and Strengthening.
Achievements :
  • Human rights violations cases filed at A.P High Court, State Human rights Commission and in district Courts and got judgments.
  • Prison visits_ Bails-250, Fine amounts paid for release of poor prisoners- 15
  • Nearly 52 college students got aware on Human rights Education.
  • S.C., S.T.BC, atrocity cases filed _278, judgments_ Acquittal-65 and Convictions -456.
  • Rs. 1, 33,000/- compensation award by A.P High Court.


Objectives :
  • To protect the Coastal Area related Rights from Various violations
  • To protect Environmental balance and Coastal Communities livelihoods
  • To Create Awareness on Disaster Prone Areas
Activities implemented :
  • Conducted District’s. and Village Level Awareness Campaigns on Coastal Related Acts and Disasters and their losses
  • Disaster Preparedness trainings Organized to community and Disaster Management teams formed at Mandal and village and District’s level
  • Mock Drills conducted for strengthening of Disaster Management teams
  • Cycle Rallies conducted for conserve the rights of the victims at the time of Disasters
  • Rallies and Dharnas conducted for special packages for the development of the flood prone area in Mandal and Village and District’s. Level.
  • Awareness created on climate change to communities and school level students
  • Awareness campaigns organized in flood areas for conserved the health problems
  • Veterinary camps organized for growing livestock in flood prone areas to enhance the livelihoods of the victims/community
  • PMCs ( people Monitoring committees) were formed
Achievements :
  • Through Peoples collective action Coastal Corridor works was stopped by the Government
  • Modernization of East, Weast, North, South, and Godavari Delta was achieved Through in the District’s. in Andhra Pradesh Level seminar and different types of Rallies and memorandums submissions to Govt.etc.,
  • CBDP (Community based Disaster Preparedness) teams were promoted in Coastal Areas and the teams acts as taskforce groups at the time of Disasters
  • PMCs works as Watch Dogs in connection to the works of Delta and Costal areas Modernization works
  • With the efforts of GNMMS.ORG Network the East, Weast, North, South, and Godavari Delta Kolleru lake issue was exposed in to International level

4) Reducing Violence Against Women

Objectives :
  • To Support the women those who are the survivors of Domestic violence
  • To Generate Awareness on violence Against women through Campaigns and Meetings etc.,
  • To build capacity in youth and women to work on violence against women
  • Advocacy on the issues relating to VAW
Activities implemented :
  • Trainings to Adolescent Boys and Girls on women related acts
  • Workshop to youth on legal practices
  • Trainings to women on Leadership qualities
  • Legal awareness campaigns organized
  • Public Meetings conducted
  • Public Hearings conducted
  • Advocacy with media, elected representatives, Govt. Depts., and Judiciary etc.
  • , Providing services to survivors i.e., counseling, legal assistance and Economic support Providing services to survivors i.e., counseling, legal assistance and Economic support. Providing services to survivors i.e., counseling, legal assistance and Economic support
  • Short Stay Home runs for survivors
  • Rallies and Dharnas conducted for proper implementation of D.V Act etc.,
  • Celebrating International Women’s Day
  • Wall writings, sign boards and Flex Boards
  • We sent some survivors to central Government Ashram (Kasthuri bai Ashram) and women SGHs for vocational trainings
Achievements :
  • Government appointed GNMMS.ORG as a service provider
  • D. V.C case filed by GNMMS.ORG and got judgment
  • Number of cases settled IN THE 23 District’s in Andhra Pradesh through our counseling
  • Survivors, who got trained vocational training from Kasthuri bai ashram and women SGHs get livelihood in the 23 District’s Through Campaigns nearly 25,70,000 people covered and aware on D.V Act
  • Through trainings nearly 30,000 youth and women got aware on women related acts I84 D.V.C cases filed in courts
  • 684 survivor’s cases settled through our team efforts
  • Local Police stations also send the family cases to GNMMS.ORG for counseling

5) Prevention of Child Trafficking and HIV

Objectives :
  • To ensure children born in India are registered and issued with proper birth certificates.
  • To ensure children’s school enrollment, retention and follow-ups.
  • To ensure care and support to ClHIV S and PL HIV s
  • To prevent Child Trafficking and HIV/AIDs
  • To capacitate the families of PLHIVs and CHIVs and Re- Integration and Rehabilitation of the trafficked families
  • To Linkages establishment with Concerned Line Departments for care and support and enhance their livelihoods
Activities implemented :
  • Formed and Strengthened Child and Adolescent forums at District’s and Mandal Level
  • Formed and Strengthened VOCSET (Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking)Forum and named as Moon Stars VOCSET forum
  • Formed and Strengthened District’s. And Mandal,Village Development Forums (DMVDFs)
  • Formed and Strengthened Civil Society Forums in district’s Level
  • Child Resource Centers in district’s Level
  • Co-ordination with Dist. Hospitals in district’s Level
  • Linkages with concerned Line Departments in district’s Level
  • Celebrating World Aids Day 1st December in district’s Level
  • Celebrations of CRC week.( Child Rights Convention) in district’s Level
  • Celebration of Anti Trafficking Day in district’s Level
  • Celebrating Global Hands Washing Day in the district’s Level
Achievements :
  • Children and Adolescent got awareness on their rights and later they themselves are conducting monthly meetings and maintain minutes in the district’s Level .
  • PLHIVs also solving their problems through their PLHIVs network in the district’s Leve.l
  • Through GNMMS.ORG organized campaigns nearly 10,80,000 people got aware on Child Trafficking and HIV/AIDs in the district’s Level.
  • Through Capacity building trainings4,349 child and Adolescents (Boys and girls) got awareness in the district’s Level.
  • Nearly 13,600 PLHIVs and CLHIVs got received care and support (Medical, Nutrition and Counseling.) in the district’s Level.
  • Nearly 3,900 above PLHIVs and CLHIVs reffered to VCTCs and 10,360 Care and Support centres and Govt. Hospitals in the district’s Level.
  • Nearly 600 PLHIVs and CLHIVs used our services for ART for recover their health in the district’s Level.
  • Through Our Child Resource Centers children gathered and friendly nature is developed among them in the district’s Level.
  • VDFs also developed to identify the strangers, who are coming to their villages and they are acted as watch dogs it was also established through the efforts of GNMMS.ORG in the district’s Level.



Objectives :
  • To Reduce Child Labour in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh.
  • To Cent percentage of Universal Birth Registration 23 District’s in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh.
  • To Promote 100% Scholl enrollment and retention 23 District’s in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh.
Activities implemented :
  • Zeep Campaigns organized for Birth Registrations and School enrollment 23 District’s in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh.
  • ECCD Centers Established 23 District’s in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh.
  • School based Disaster preparedness trainings and Community based trainings organized23 District’s in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh School based and Community based contingence plans developed 23 District’s in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Disaster Drills organized at school and community level 23 District’s in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh .
  • Sensitization Programs conducted with Concerned line Depts. On Child Rights and Child Related Acts23 District’s in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Campaigns on MFRA and CRZ organized to address Livelihood issues. 23 District’s in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh.
Achievements :
  • 100% School enrollment and retention in 23 District’s in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh.
  • 100% Universal Birth registration in 23 District’s in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Establishment of Coir training and protection centre with the support of Coir Board of Andhra Pradesh23 District’s in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh.
  • 600 women trained in different kind of coir products in 23 District’s in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh.
  • 300 Youth trained in Boat Driving in 23 District’s in Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh.



Objectives :
  • To promote about safety culture in Disasters prone area in 23 District’s in Andhra Pradesh.
  • To promote Environmental balance methods .
  • To Establish Eco-clubs in Schools in 23 District’s in Andhra Pradesh.
  • To promote school and community based Disaster prepared teams. (Task Force Groups).
  • To Establish Parents and Teachers Associations in 23 District’s in Andhra Pradesh.
  • To promote Shelterbelt programs in disaster prone areas in 23 District’s in Andhra Pradesh.
  • To Ensure Building code implementation.
Activities implemented :
  • Formed and strengthened Disaster management committees in school and Community Level 23 District’s in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Signature campaigns organized for Delta modernization.
  • Grain banks established in villages Level in 23 District’s in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Mock Drills conducted for reduced disaster risks.
  • School safety measures implemented .
  • Shelter belt implemented properly .
  • Teachers and Parents associations’ established in villages Level in 23 District’s in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Interface with Teachers and Parents meetings conducted.
  • Taskforce Groups established.
  • Awareness created on Environmental issues.
Achievements :
  • Rs. 2,70,00,000 valuable School safety measures were implemented by Lobbying with concerned Government departments.
  • Site was allotted for School by the Government.
  • Shelter belt implemented in 60 acres .
  • One hand book was developed on Environment .
  • Disaster emergence kits were supplied in 50 schools .
  • Emergence Medical kits were supplied in 50 schools.
  • Plot forms developed in schools for physically handicapped.
  • 100 contingency plans/emergence plans developed.

8) National/ International Day Celebrations

  • Mother Terisa Birth Day Participant's.
  • World Sight Day.
  • Independence Day.
  • No Tobacco Day.
  • World AIDS Day.
  • World Health Day.
  • World Environment Day.
  • Volunteers Day.
  • Children's Day.
  • Day for Differently Abled.
  • GNMMS.ORG Annual Day.
  • Republic Day .
  • International Women's Day.
  • Mothers Day .
  • Teachers Day.
  • Experience in the World Conference organized at Kulalumpur from 16th to 21st 2006.

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